Keep Losing Your House Keys? Find Security Here
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Keep Losing Your House Keys? Find Security Here

After losing my house keys for the 20th time last month, I decided to make a big change in how I secure my home. For my safety and to protect my valuables, I found a locksmith in my area who specializes in keyless locks. A keyless systems keeps absentminded people like me safe. The system is easy to use and doesn't require any type of key to secure my home. If you keep losing your house or car keys, see a locksmith. My blog offers tips on how to select the right security locks and systems for your home and car, as well as advice on how to stay safe if you lose your keys before you install a new security system. Thanks for reading and stay safe.


Keep Losing Your House Keys? Find Security Here

What To Do When You Find Yourself Locked Out Of Your Home Or Car While Your Child Is Still Inside

Sieger Van Zwienen

Parents of small children know how easy it is to forget something or misplace something, especially when trying to keep up with a small child or baby and all of the "stuff" that seems to be required when leaving the house. In the hustle and bustle of it all, it can be terrifyingly easy to find yourself locked out of your home or car with your keys still inside, and your child inside, too. If this scary situation ever happens to you, here's what you need to know to keep everyone safe and calm.

Have a plan

Although no one plans on getting locked out of the house with their young child still inside, it happens. If it happens to you, don't panic. Make a plan so that you'll be prepared to handle the situation without getting too stressed out or putting your child at risk.


  • Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor.
  • Keep the telephone number of a reliable 24 hour locksmith someplace you can easily access it.
  • Call 911 if your child is mobile and you can't get a locksmith out immediately.


  • Leave a door or window unlocked all the time "just in case." This could make your home an easy target for burglars.
  • Attempt to pick the lock or force the door open yourself. This could damage the lock and make it more difficult for a locksmith to get you back inside. The exception to this is if your child is in immediate danger, and even then, you are likely better off calling 911.

Smashing windows

Sometimes, smashing a window may be the quickest way to get access to your child when they are locked in your home or car. If your child is locked inside your home and there is a window close enough to the door, you may be able to gain access to the lock by smashing it and reaching inside. Try to break the glass as carefully as possible, especially if you have a curious toddler in the house who may try to investigate the broken glass. It's a good idea to put safety film on the window near your door (if it's not already made of safety glass) so that, in the event you do have to smash the window, the glass will shatter safely in the film and not onto the floor.

If you lock your child in the car, it can be extremely important that you get them out as soon as possible, especially on a hot day. It's estimated that 38 children die every year from being locked inside a hot car, so it's important to get your child out quickly to avoid heatstroke.

If you have the number of an emergency locksmith, call them and explain that your child is in the car and you have a lockout situation. If they are close, they may be able to get your car open quickly and safely. If they are not able to reach you quickly, they'll likely recommend that you call 911. Don't be afraid to call 911. A child locked in a hot car is a true emergency and you need to get help quickly.

If you have something that you can use to break the glass in the window, you can try that, though many windows are designed to be shatter-resistant. 

  • Find a window as far from the child as possible to prevent glass from falling on the child.
  • Don't try smashing the center of the window; it's the strongest part of the glass. Instead, try near the edge of the window, where the glass is weakest.
  • Tinted windows don't shatter, thanks to the tinted film that holds the glass together. Once the glass is broken, the tinted glass can simply be removed in one piece.

Having a professional locksmith is always the best option if you are locked out of your home or car, but if you can't get one to come out to you quickly enough, use these tips to keep your child safe in a lockout situation.