Keep Losing Your House Keys? Find Security Here
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Keep Losing Your House Keys? Find Security Here

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Keep Losing Your House Keys? Find Security Here

Security Basics For A Connected Home

Sieger Van Zwienen

Security is an important aspect of anything that connects to the internet, and that includes most home automation products. However, internet security is complicated and most people just ignore it instead of trying to grapple with these complications. Learning the basics is a great way to protect yourself from most threats without having to get a computer science degree.

Reset Default Passwords

Many devices will have some sort of password for accessing part or all of the device. When they ship, they will already have this password set to some sort of default that is written down in the instruction booklet. It can be tempting to just leave this password as is, but this is a dangerous plan. Because that password is the same for all devices, all a potential attacker would need is that instruction manual and they will have the same level of access as you do. Doing a little research will give you plenty of information on how to set a good password.

This same principle is going to apply to your phone if you make use of a mobile app to control these devices. Taking a few extra seconds to unlock your phone with a password is worth it to keep most people out if the phone is stolen. This is especially true if you have an alarm system. An unsecured phone is a great tool for a potential thief to use, since they can use it to turn off your alarm before breaking in.

Check All The Options

The password isn't the only option that is going to be available to you with your new home automation system. Most apps or control panels will have a setting section. You shouldn't have to change these settings often, but you should take some time when you first get the system to go over all the options and see what each one does. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be just a few or a large list, and you may be surprised by what you can adjust.

Why is this so important from a security viewpoint? Some of these options may affect what data is sent out from the devices out into the internet. If you have the ability to control a device remotely, it definitely will need to send out some info. Some devices also send data back to the manufacturer for the purpose of allowing remote software updates or simple monitoring. You might be comfortable with this, you might not, and somewhere in the settings is often a way to decide whether you only want to have the device function internally or if you are okay with the data being sent out into the internet.

Work With Reputable Products

There are two people involved in internet security. You are responsible for making sure that everything is installed properly, but the manufacturer needs to give you the tools to protect yourself. This is not an easy thing, and these types of software features aren't something that can be used as a selling point. This makes it very tempting to skip putting good security into a device.

Buying products from no name manufacturers may be cheaper, and they may function the same, but you don't know what is beneath the surface. A brand name product will carry with it the reputation of the manufacturer, and this is likely the only thing that you will have to judge the underlying security of the product. A small brand may have great security features, but it may not, and there aren't going to be very many in-depth reviews that you can use to determine this.

Internet security doesn't have to be that difficult. Protecting yourself from every possible attack isn't really possible, but you can keep yourself from being an easy target. Taking these steps will allow you to enjoy the benefits of home automation without putting you or your family in additional danger. For more tips, contact a company like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.